Jul 01
Hide properties in ProfileInfo Web Part - SharePoint 2013 on-premises

​Ever felt like hiding some of the default properties shown in the ProfileInfo Web Part on Person.aspx? These are the properties that are displayed in the Web Part even if they are not selected to be displayed in User Profile Service.

Here's how you can do it -

Enable Publishing Features on the My Site. Edit Person.aspx page. Add script editor Web Part in the page. Enter below code in the script editor Web Part.

<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ready(function () {


This code will hide the Office property. If you need to hide or format any other property, just find the HTML ID of that property and use javascript to manipulate the property.

Oct 16
Creating Status List and Status List Indicator in SharePoint 2013

Are Status List and Status List Indicator really discontinued? Well, as per the article on , it is discontinued.

There is a workaround to get the same features working on Office 365. I've tried this on Office 365 Small Business Subscription. It should work the same way on all the other subscriptions and also on SharePoint Server 2013 On-Premises deployment.

1.       On you team site, from the site settings menu click on Add an App. Look for Report Library App in Your Apps.


2.       Click on Report Library to add Report Library to the Team Site. Enter Library name and click Create.


3.       The new library will appear in the Recent links in left side menu. Click on the library link and then click Files à New Document



4.       Select Web Part Page with Status List. This will open up the create page for the new Web Part page.



5.       Fill in required details. Make sure in Status Indicators, Create a status indicator list for me automatically is selected. Click OK to create the page. Web Part page with Status List is created as shown below.


6.       If you do not have Excel Services License, it'll not display Excel Web Access web parts. Delete those Web Parts from the page by editing the page.
7.       To create Status List indicators, click on New under Status List. This will bring the Indicators menu as shown below


8.       Create the status Indicator similar to the way it was done in SharePoint 2010!

Sep 20
Best Practices for Records Management with SharePoint

A very good presentation on the fundamentals of enterprise content management and records management as they apply to SharePoint 2013 by Scott Jamison is available on MSDN Channel 9. Click the link below to access the presentation. 

Best Practices for Records Management with SharePoint 

Sep 05
User Profile picture doesn’t display on public facing website

Sometimes thumbnails of photos uploaded to the user profile can cause grief. Especially when you want to display these photos on a pubic website. Most of the times the picture will not be displayed on the public website after it's uploaded to the User Profile.

The reason this happens is because the photos in User Profile service are stored on the Personal Site in the SharePoint farm e.g. http://SP2010:8080/ User%20Photos/Profile%20Pictures/user_MThumb.jpg and by default the permissions on the Personal Site do not allow anonymous access.

To resolve the display issue, break the permission inherence on the Personal Site and provide "anonymous" permission to http://<Personal site>/ User%20Photos/Profile%20Pictures library where the photos are stored.

Jul 15
SharePoint Decisions

​As all SharePoint aficionados know, it is a flexible multi faceted beast.

Jul 14
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